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Tenda AC9 英文版还在更新

AC9 v1.0版本2020-11-25日发布的

Upgrade Notes:
1. This firmwareis only fit for AC9v1.0 and its firmware version must be in V15.03.05.XX ormore.
2. Do not poweroff the device when upgrading.
3. Please unzipthe file you downloaded and use the file ended with "bin" or"trx" to upgrade your device.
4. Please resetit to factory settings after upgraded it.
Release Notes:
1. Solved the issue with remote web management.
2. Solved the issue that iOS14 show weak securitydue to WPA/WPA2(TKIP).

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官方的固件, 应该可以,
我在flash已经改为16M, 直接刷腾达官方 8M的 ac9_kf_V15.03.05.19(6318_)_cn 2017/5/27版, 也没见有问题

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